Michael Ledger Day - September 26
Date of Event Nambour Cricket Club: Fri Sep 11, 2020 7:43PM

Michael Ledger Day this year will be held on September 26. This season, we will host a Six-a-side competition where past and present players of Nambour CC and from other clubs are welcome to attend. This day is our annual charity day. Details of the competition are below. The winning team will receive a $200 prize. Please ensure you nominate your team in time to be part of this great day (see flyer for further details).



Six a Side Competition Format for MLD

Six a Side Format

1. We will have 6 or 8 teams.

2. There will be two pools of three or four teams depending on final entries. Be aware we may have one pool of five and one of six.

3. All teams will play each other within their pool (3 or 4 games each depending on entries).

4. Points allocation per game will be as follows:

a. Three (3) points for a win.

b. One (1) point for a draw.

c. Zero (0) points for a loss.

5. A final will be played between the winners of each pool.

6. Where two or more teams finish on the same points within each pool, the winner of the pool will be decided by the following:

a. Where two teams finish on equal points, the winner will be the team who won between the two teams.

b. Where three teams finish on equal points and the first tie-breaker does not apply, the winner will be decided by dividing the total runs scored off the bat by the total wickets lost in all games played. 

c. Where two or more teams cannot be separated, the tournament committee will determine the winner of the pool. 

7. It is anticipated that each round in pool play will take no longer than one hour with the following guidelines:

a. The captains’ briefing will be at 10am sharp. One player from each team MUST attend. 

b. The first game will commence as soon as possible after the captains’ briefing. Be aware It is possible the will start 10:10.

c. Each innings will take no longer than 25 minutes with five (5) minutes to change innings.

d. Each game will take no longer than 55 minutes. 

8. The final will commence as soon as conceivably possible after the completion of the pool games. The committee may give the teams a brief time delay before starting the final if it is deemed necessary.

9. There will be some independent umpires available but we will not have enough to umpire all matches. If the pools only have five teams, the bye team will be expected to help umpire the other matches. Otherwise resting players from each squad of eight will be expected to umpire games. We will confirm the details regarding umpiring at the captains’ briefing, depending on entries and team numbers.

10. Where there are weather interruptions, the tournament committee will amend format as appropriate.


Six a Side Playing Rules


Please read and understand the rules before play begins.

In all instances the MCC laws of cricket in conjunction with the Onehunga Cricket Association playing conditions apply, except in the following instances:

1. A maximum of eight (8) players per team squad to be nominated at tournament registration.

2. A maximum of six (6) nominated players are eligible to play each game.

3. A match shall consist of two (2) five (5) over innings (one innings per side, six balls per over.)

4. Bowlers must not bowl off more than a six (6) pace run up.

5. The batting team shall be awarded four (4) runs for each wide or no ball bowled.

6. Wides and no balls will only be re-bowled in the fifth and final over of the innings.

7. There are no LBWs and as a consequence no Leg Byes. 

8. We will play "last man standing:"

a. If the fifth wicket falls, the remaining not out batsman takes the strike and the dismissed batman remains as a runner only.

b. If a single or three is run; once the runs are complete and both runners are safe, the not out batsman returns to the striking end to face the next delivery.

c. If the not out batsman is dismissed or the runner is run out, the innings is complete.

9. There must be two (2) fielders on the off side and two (2) fielders on the leg side.

10. Each team, before each game, must nominate a wicketkeeper who shall not bowl, the other players must bowl one over each.

11. The team scoring the most runs in the match will be declared the winner.

12. The match will be deemed completed when (and if) the team batting second scores more than the team batting first.

13. Where the match ends in a tie, the side who has scored more runs off the bat shall be deemed the winner.

14. If, after applying rule #13, the match is still tied, the side which has lost the least number of wickets shall be deemed the winner.

15. During the pool play phase, if, after applying both rules #13 and #14 there is no clear winner, the match will be deemed a draw.

16. In the final, if, after applying both rules #13 and #14 there is no clear winner, the wicket keepers will bowl one over each at the opposing team while complying with the following conditions:

a. The winner of a coin toss between the two captains will determine who bats first.

b. The batting team will bat in the order they batted during the main game.

c. Wides and no balls will be re-bowled.

d. The winner will be determined by re-applying rules #11 to #14 to this one over.

e. If after applying this rule, the teams still cannot be separated, the game will be deemed a draw and the two teams will be crowned joint champions.

17. The tournament and all decisions requiring arbitration will be governed by a tournament committee nominated at the tournament briefing.

18. Prior to the beginning of each game, the respective team captains must show each other the ball they intend to use during the game. The opposing captain must agree to the ball being used. If the opposing captain does not agree with the ball presented, another ball is to be presented until one is agreed upon.


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