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Nambour Cricket Club is located at the Nambour Showgrounds, Coronation Avenue, Nambour


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Cricket has been played on Nambour showgrounds since the early 1890s when a Nambour team competed against teams from nearby towns. In 1896 a team from the Sugar Mill called the Mill Rats played. In the early 1900s local teams were from the Nambour Chronicle, the Perren family, the South Sea Islanders and a group called Waratahs. In 1905 seventy people attended the opening of the newly-laid concrete wicket and enjoyed refreshments of soft drinks and cakes. Concerts and dances followed matches.

In 1906 Nambour’s best cricketers went to play against the Isis District. Their names were: O.Cowley, A, Witty, A. Perren, W.F. Jeffrey, F, Ferris, L.W.Wilkinson, J.Dunn, R.Aird, F.Dunning, C.Howard, J.Kennedy, V. and E. Gaylard. Highlights included a tour of the Isis Central Sugar Mill and the district. A few months later Isis returned the match in Nambour.

Many name changes have occurred. The Moreton Cricket Association in 1903 became the North Coast Cricket Association and then the Maroochy Cricket Association. During the World Wars cricket was not played. In 2008 cricket is one of the most popular sports on the Sunshine Coast.

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